If you’re looking to make a statement with your railing, Complete Glass Service has everything you need. Railing systems can be customized to fit almost any application or need you to have. Make your home unique and customized with a custom glass railing for your home. These systems will add value and a statement to your home with one simple installation.

Types of Glass Railings for Utah Homes & Businesses

Glass railings can come in different textures and styles. A few options include:

  • FRAMELESS – These are the cleanest looking railing systems. They are focused on the glass and minimal metalwork that makes them practically invisible.
  • FRAMED – A frame can give the railing system a bolder look. This can accentuate the glass, and tie in with the architecture of the home. Framed rails are more noticeable, and can give your system a sturdier look.
  • TRANSPARENT – A traditional and clean look, transparent glass makes your railing system as minimal as possible. Since it is entirely see-through, placement is key.
  • FROSTED – The opposite of transparent, frosted or fogged glass adds an air of mystery. Perfect for doors and fences, this type of glass will give all the privacy you need.

Complete Glass Service can help you find the perfect railing system for your home. With our team of professionals and experience, we will help you achieve your dream design. We work with the best materials to ensure you have the highest quality railing system possible. Give your home an update with any type of glass railing. We use only the highest quality materials that we then install with exquisite craftsmanship. Complete Glass Service will help you achieve your ideal railing down to the smallest details.

We have plenty of designs and ideas for you to see at our showroom. While you’re there, we would be happy to give you a free estimate. Complete Glass Service is here to help complete your home with the perfect glass railing system.