Max Sliding
Aluminum Door

The Max sliding aluminum and glass door wall system is a popular must-have for commercial and residential indoor/outdoor living areas. Offering generous views, this weather resistant aluminum and glass framed sliding door is designed with vast adaptability for limited spaces and can provide excellent energy efficiency, sound control and hurricane impact resistance. The only premier glass door with the lowest profile sill and an AAMA rating for exterior use, the Max Slider is designed to accommodate maximum height entrances.

To adapt to limited space requirements, the Max Slider is available in a number of stacking and sliding configurations. Max Slider offers one-way single slider pocket systems, multi-track systems, 90˚ angular systems, and oversized systems. We also offer a number of vertical stile profiles. Providing 3” and 4” standard profiles, we are proud to also offer a 1” ultra-narrow vertical stile with sleek, vertical lines that foster more generous views with its fewer interruptions.

To provide versatility, durability and weather resistance, Max Slider door walls utilize a top hung Cabo system or bottom roller Cancun system. The Cabo top hung system is a slender, flexible, roller system equipped with a narrow, stainless steel bottom floor guide to provide a smooth transition from one flooring surface to another. The Cancun is a flexible, bottom roller system equipped with a solid aluminum bottom track and stainless steel guide to accommodate any site concept. Each are equipped with interlocking dual seal lead and quad seal stiles for maximum weather and sound protection as well as interlocking stiles and mechanical drop seal system to ensure a strong, weather tight design.

The Max sliding aluminum and glass door wall systems are available in a variety of eye-catching standard and custom finish options. Standard finishes include clear, medium and dark bronze anodized, white and black powder coat. Custom finishes include painted and graphic wood grains. We also offer a number of other attractive, beneficial options. Offering nail fin technology, exceptional indoor/outdoor weather resistant features, an assortment of lock and pull handle hardware and an extensive selection of glass options.


Bottom or top hung roller options that allow unlimited adaptability with configurations

Wall System

Our one-way single door system is our
standard configuration. It has a fix panel and door, perfect for a patio or entry way adaptable to limited space requirements.

Multi-Track System

In addition to the standard Max’ slider      features, it also offers a one piece vertical interlock system, that allows sliding       multiple panels at one time. All the panels opens up to one side, like moveable wall  creating an entry way to connect the        indoor and outdoors living areas. Its the   perfect solution to expand the view.

Pocket System

Pocket system is the Max’ sliders basic configuration as a one way slider. Hidden application requires designer to consider wall space requirements or the use of an optional custom offset surface mount bracket system for interior applications.

Bipass System

Bipass configuration maximizes the features of the stacking concept as two way, multiple track or panel system with unlimited applications. This configuration offers both standard and special features.

90-Degree System

90-Degree angular slider configuration are offered for undisrupted functionality and full extent views. The slider system can either be two-panel or multi-panel making angular bipartition configuration.

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