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Will Window Replacement Leave You With a Mess?

So, you’ve decided that window replacement is a must for your Provo home. You’re ready to move forward, but you’re wondering if you’re going to have to deal with dust and debris after the work is done. The answer? To be honest, an invasive home improvement project like window replacement can be quite messy. With […]

Hassle-Free Glass Replacement in Utah

Home and building improvement should be fun, not frustrating. Complete Glass Utah offers affordable glass replacement and free estimates to Utah residents in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas for commercial and residential glass and window repair, making glass replacement a quick, hassle-free experience. Complete Glass Utah focuses mainly on storefront, commercial door, shower […]

D-I-Y Whiteboards’ Using Glass and Mirror Panes

There are many ways to utilize panes of glass and mirrors. The more obvious route is a replacement due to damages or a remodel, but have you ever considered adding glass and mirrors to your office space to be used as a whiteboard? We’re not saying you have to bust down a wall to make […]

A New Season, A New Storefront

Whether you are in the market for a small glass replacement or a new look, Complete Glass Service Utah is really the one-stop-shop for your store’s vision. Specializing in both residential and commercial, Complete Glass Service Utah can bring your dream to a reality 24 hours a day. Small adjustments make huge differences here, so […]

24 Hour Emergency Glass Repair

The wind is howling, the tree branches are swaying furiously, you hear a loud banging and cracking noise, what was that?! We all know that weather can be unpredictable, and that unpredictability can cause damage to your home, including your windows. If you have a tree branch or anything else come through your window in […]

How To Care For Your New Shower Door

You have just installed a beautiful new glass shower door for your bathroom and you want to keep the glass looking sparkling like it was when it was first installed. How can you keep your shower door looking new? Follow these few tips and you can keep your shower door looking new for years to […]

Customize your Salt Lake City Windows

At Complete Glass Service, we service the Salt Lake City area with the finest glass products and windows available today. Complete Glass specializes in windows, mirrors, storefront, shower doors and a variety of other glass products. We’ve been serving the region for many years and have over 15 years of experience in the glass trade. […]

Experienced window and glass company in Cottonwood Heights

Are you looking for an experienced window and glass company in the Cottonwood Heights area? The Complete Glass team consists of the most highly-trained and certified professionals who have helped us build our reputation for quality. Complete Glass provides the best windows, mirrors, storefront, shower doors and a variety of other glass products. Complete Glass […]

Custom Mirrors for your Salt Lake City Bathroom

Complete Glass Service can help you with your custom mirrors for your home project. We are fully licensed and offer warranty and insurance for all services provided. Most importantly, we work hard to finish each project on time and exceed your expectations. We offer standard 1/4? clear mirror as well as copper free mirror and […]