Orem homeowners are sometimes surprised to learn that faulty windows don’t always need to be replaced. An experienced window repair contractor can provide a fix for many types of problems, and as you might expect, repairs tend to cost less than full window replacement.

When does window repair make sense? Below, the Complete Glass team explains the types of damage that can often be repaired by a professional contractor.

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Cracked or Broken Glass

When you have cracks in the glass or a broken pane, there’s no need to replace the entire window. Repair can be the right solution, as a skilled contractor can simply swap out the damaged glass for a brand new pane.

Tattered Caulk & Weather Stripping

If the caulking and weather stripping have deteriorated, your windows may look to be in really bad shape. In many cases, having a professional contractor replace just the caulk and weather stripping can be an effective fix.

Missing or Defective Hardware

Have a crank with a busted handle? A lock that doesn’t work? The best solution for damaged and missing hardware can be to call an Orem window repair contractor and ask them about replacing the problematic part.

Window Won’t Open or Close

Stripped or loose screws can be the reason a window is impossible to open or close. Issues with the spring or sliding track may also be to blame. A professional contractor can find the root cause and, if possible, provide a repair solution.

Fog Between the Glass Panes

Double- and triple-pane windows are incredibly energy efficient, but seal failure can occur, creating cloudiness or fog between the panes of glass. To eliminate the problem, a repair contractor can replace the affected pane and the failed seal.

Is Window Repair or Replacement the Right Choice?

While window repair is worthy of consideration, some problems can’t be fixed. A professional repair contractor likely won’t be able to provide a quick fix if any of your windows have:

  • Rotting or severely run-down exterior casing
  • Cracked, warped or damaged frames
  • Major leaks, with water coming in every time it rains
  • Visible gaps that make your home feel drafty

In addition, window replacement could be to your advantage. The project can increase the value of your Orem home, and you can recoup much of the cost upon resale. In the meantime, new windows will provide you with enhanced home security, improved household comfort, quieter living spaces and superior curb appeal. For these reasons, you may want to consider replacement – even if you have the option of repair.

Have questions? The friendly and knowledgeable team at Complete Glass is happy to provide the answers you need. For a free consultation to discuss window repair or replacement at your Orem home, contact us today.