A glazier is a person trained to install glass into an architectural edifice. To put glass in a frame is to “glaze” the window, hence the name glazier.

Glaziers work with sheet glass, plate glass and mirrors. They install sheet glass windows in private homes, store windows, office buildings and factories as well as structural glass in building fronts, ceilings and walls. Glaziers also install shower doors and tub enclosures.

To install glass in a window, the glazier must first measure the window frame and either cut a sheet of glass to the proper si

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ze or use a piece of precut glass. The glazier then applies putty to the edges of the frame and places the glass in the frame, where it is secured with triangular points or metal clips. Finally, the glazier flattens the putty with a putty knife to seal out moisture. Structural glass is handled differently. The glazier installs it by pressing it against cement that has been applied to the backing that supports the glass.

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