Did your child break a window? Are you remodeling the house? Is it just simply time to upgrade? Choosing new windows for your home can be a big decision. Depending on the size, current type, and your budget, there are a lot of factors to consider. Complete Glass Utah is here to make your decision easy with vinyl windows.

What are vinyl windows?

This material is the latest in window design and technology. They are made from polyvinyl chloride which makes these windows impact-resistant and rigid. Traditionally, wood and aluminum have been the go-to materials for windows, but that is no longer the case. Vinyl has taken over because it resists rot and corrosion in any climate. Unsurprisingly, vinyl has become the go-to window material for builders and new homeowners.

What about the cost?

Vinyl is more cost-efficient and lasts longer than both wood and aluminum. On average, vinyl windows are 10% cheaper than both aluminum and wood. In addition to being cost-efficient in the beginning, vinyl windows also save money over time with their energy efficiency. These types of windows keep your home cool in the summer and the warm air in the winter. That means you save money on your utility bill from the get-go.

Will they go with my home aesthetic?

Vinyl comes in a variety of options, and can even mimic wood grain. This makes these windows versatile for any home and can fit any design. They also don’t require finishing or painting, and they don’t run the risk of fading over time.

If you’re looking for new windows, vinyl is definitively the best option. They are cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and long-lasting. Complete Glass Utah has a wide variety of options when it comes to vinyl windows. No matter what size, style, or budget, vinyl windows are right for any home.