About one week ago one of our interior panes on our sliding door shattered in the middle of the night without anything hitting it or even having anyone on the same level of our home. We looked online for local companies and each one we called sent us to voicemail and never returned our calls, and the few who did answer said they’d only come out to replace the entire door (more than double the cost of just fixing the single pane). Our next call was to Jarrod at Complete Glass Utah. He came to our home that day, took measurements, explained to us that there was a film/tint on the window and he’d do his best to match it, but without knowing when and where the window was manufactured it may look slightly different. We assured him that was not a problem for us and that we trusted his judgment (let me add that it matches PERFECTLY). Jarrod was also very honest about how long it takes to get glass orders like this filled and delivered but as soon as the distributor gave him a date he would let us know. He kept us updated on the glass delivery and I don’t mind things taking a little extra time as long as I am informed and know what to expect, and we got that with Complete Glass Utah. I would also like to add that sometimes as a woman I can get a little nervous being home alone when anyone I don’t know well comes into my home. But I felt 100% comfortable and confident when Jared was in our home. His work was quick, thorough, and I feel like he went above and beyond to ensure we were happy and that we got the best quality and workmanship out there! Obviously, I will recommend them to everyone I know, and I will use them for all of my glass needs in the future! – Chelsea H.