Over time your once beautiful windows may crack, fog or chip. The age of the window can be a big factor in it’s ability to withstand the elements. But you can prolong the life of your windows by knowing some of the enemies to glass and recognizing how you can prevent them from ruining your investment. Excess water or direct cold or heat can shorten a windows life. Too much rain or a rogue sprinkler that is hitting a window can weaken the seal and cause it to lift away from the window. Too much water hitting a window can also cause damage in the form of rust that can cause friction and corrosion and damage an older window or its casing. Cold and heat can can cause the seal to loose it’s elasticity and separate from the glass, letting in moisture and hot or cold air which in combination can cause cracks or fog. Windows that do not have a proper fit can also cause problems. If the weather- proofing seal is not fitting correctly or is falling off, it might make it difficult to close or open a window. In these moments of struggle, the possibility of chipping or breaking a window can increase. If you find yourself with a broken window or one in need of repair, call us at Complete Glass Utah and we can help. We are the clear choice for windows in Salt Lake City!