NOTICE: First off, broken glass is EXTREMELY DANGER to handle! Always exercise extreme caution, if there is any doubt call us, as Salt Lake City Glass Repair specialist, and we can give you an estimate about new Window Installation San Deigo.

On hard flooring,
1. Always use safety equipment: Goggles, Gloves, Close-toed Shoes, etc.
2. Clear area of obstacles that could hide hidden glass shards & particles. And other people, children and pets.
3. Vacuum the area to get rid of glass particles. (When cleaning out the vacuum bag, remember to use caution)
4. Use leather gloves, or thick-rubber, even dish washing gloves to take care of the larger shards.
5. It is best to dispose of the glass in an outside trash bin.
Note, you could sweep an area but it may leave behind small particles that can cause injury. So it is best to thoroughly vacuum the area.

On carpet or rug,
1. With proper safety equipment, Thick leather, rubber, or dish washing gloves, eye protection and close toed shoes, pick up large shards.
2. Vacuum the area very well and take care to dispose of the bag when done.
3. Dispose of glass in an outside bin.

Give us a call if you have any questions or need a quote for a new window installation Salt Lake City.