Though the Salt Lake City area has some great weather, some proper Salt Lake City window install tips can mean the difference form the AC kicking on, and when it does, keep the cool inside.

Windows are a big place for energy to get in/or escape for better insulating your windows:

  • Bubble Wrap – Bubble wrap, while not the best looking, is very inexpensive way to keep the heat out and cool in. Just cut to size, mist window with some water, and apply bubbles facing the window. Don’t make the window too wet, it might not stick properly, just light mist. This helps in the winter too, and when you don’t want it anymore just simply take it down and wash the windows
  • Weatherstripping – Seal any possible leak with some weather stripping. Stripping comes in several forms; foam, vinyl, metal, felt.
  • Cell Shades – Perhaps the best looking method. This style of blinds can be lifted to see outside and shut to deflect & trap heat away from your home.
  • Shutters – Well made shutters create a thick barrier for your windows.
  • Draft Snake – While you can buy pre-made ones most anywhere, they can be sewn together aswell.
  • Energy Efficient Windows – I wrote all about the benefits of installing energy efficient windows Salt Lake City in this article.
  • Window Film – This one is used by businesses a lot, but can be installed into your Salt Lake City Windows at Home too. It can be done by yourself or a professional installer.