Whether your shower door is broken or you’re simply bored of the look and are ready for an update, it’s important to find a design you love for a glass shower door replacement. There are so many things you can do with a glass shower door. Incorporating some of these design trends could give your bathroom a truly fresh look!

Partial Glass Enclosure

glass shower door replacement

If you’re looking for some design options that create a bright and open bathroom, a partial glass shower could be the best option for you. This type of shower is fun to design because there are nearly limitless options for what you can do. Some people like to tile the bottom half of the walls, but create glass walls near the top of the shower to let light in.

However you design your part-glass-part-tile shower, it is sure to be a unique addition to your home that will leave a great impression on visitors.

Modern Framing Style

The frame of your shower door is one of the most important details in your bathroom. Some people choose a frameless door. This option can be very beautiful, and it opens up the room. Another option is to go with a framed shower door with an interesting and modern frame style.

Some of the top interior designers lately have been designing shower doors to match the home’s doors and windows. If you’re looking for something interesting and unexpected, try something similar! Be sure to look at lots of examples before making your choice!

Etched Glass

glass shower door replacement

That beautiful design you always loved on your mother’s favorite china? Now you can have it etched on your shower door. Adding a design to your shower glass is the latest way to add a personal touch to your bathroom.

If you choose to incorporate an etched decoration into your glass shower door replacement, make sure to choose a unique design, but be mindful of clashing patterns. If you have elaborate designs in your bathroom tile or on the walls, you’ll want to choose something more simple for the shower door.