Salt Lake City Glass Company has been in the Salt Lake City area for some time now but glass has been around as long as man can remember. Back in the cave man days, man used naturally occurring glass obsidian, the black volcanic glass, and tektites to craft weapons and decorative objects. The first man-mad glass dates all the way back to 3000BC in early Mesopotamia and the first glass-making manual dates back to around 650BC.

In the beginning making glass was slow and costly, it was luxury item and few people could afford it. Then, at the turn of the first century, Syrian craftsmen began glass bowling which made glass production easier, faster and cheaper. Glass became available to ordinary citizens for the first time.

The art of glass making flourished in the Roman Empire and spread across Western Europe and the Mediterranean. Glass was one of the most important items of trade beyond the borders of the Roman Empire. The Romans were the first one who began to use glass for architectural purposes, when clear glass was discovered in Alexandria around AD 100.

And the rest, as they say, is history. A flourishing glass industry was developed in Europe at the end of the 13th century when the glass industry was established in Venice during the Crusades. In northern Europe glass became important by the late 1400`s and early 1500`s. Mechanical technology for mass production began later during the Industrial Revolution.

After the Industrial Revolution the development, manufacture and use of glass increased rapidly. Glass has evolved through advancing technologies and technological evolution naturally continues. Today, glass-making is an advanced and modern industry. The old volcanic rock first used as tools for hunting has evolved into the beautiful glass front windows in your business and home today.

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