Mirrors are making a comeback in home design and these days, bigger is better. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors make the ultimate statement as a focal point in a room. Framed or unframed, they’re sure to wow any guests that step foot into your home. Here are 4 great places to have custom floor-to-ceiling mirrors installed in your home.


1. Entryway

Make a statement in your entryway with a floor-to-ceiling mirror. As the first impression of your home’s interior, a large mirror is sure to impress guests as they enter your home. Choose a thick frame to ensure your mirror is the focal point in the room. Situate your floor-to-ceiling mirror behind an entryway table to provide a simple decor solution for your entryway.


2. Living Room

Mirrors are often used to give rooms the appearance of being larger. Especially suited for small living rooms, a floor-to-ceiling mirror is a functional way to decorate your living room while making it feel larger. Additionally, large living rooms can benefit from large mirrors, especially when they’re framed to match the other decor in your home. So ornate frames are perfect for large living rooms, as there is enough space for the frame to make a statement without being too distracting. 


3. Home Gym

One of the more obvious time you’ll want to use a floor-to-ceiling mirror is when you have a home gym. If you’re fortunate enough to have the space for a gym or dance room, a floor-to-ceiling mirror is a must-have. Contact a specialized glass company to make sure your mirrors are installed right the first time.


4. Basement – Bars and Bonus Rooms

If you have a game room, a floor-to-ceiling mirror is a great way to expand your space and add a touch of flair to an already-fun room. Additionally, using a large mirror behind a wet bar in your basement makes your space feel like the real deal. Mirrors are the icing on the cake when it comes to taking your fun spaces to the next level.