I love a clean window! Who doesn’t love to see clearly outside in a nice day in summer? But, I’ve been around glass for a few years now and I know a trick or two about cleaning glass, and I find many don’t know these techniques so I’m going to share them for you.

Really it’s no secret that soap, water and the classic squeegee are the tools we use for Salt Lake City window installations, and that’s just the tools I use at home. There are a few tricks that I use professionally that I picked up over the years. But, there are some tips that’ll get you started.

– Clean water is a necessity. You don’t clean yourself with dirty water, so if you want to have a clean window, use clean water.
– Wipe between swipes. Use a clean towel or paper cloth to wipe excess water, soap and dirt off of your squeegee.
– Left to right, top to bottom. Squeegee like you read, so the water is pushed away and doesn’t return as you leave an area.
– Finish up the Salt Lake City window by drying the edges with a clean towel or paper cloth.