Are you planning to replace the windows in your Provo home? Learning about the differences between single- and double-pane windows can help you determine how to plan the project.

As you may already know, single-pane windows feature a single layer of glass. Windows with a double-pane configuration have two glass layers separated by a space filled with air or, in many cases, with insulating, non-toxic argon gas. But in all likelihood, this information really isn’t all that helpful – you need to see a comparison of the two replacement window options. Here, the Complete Glass team breaks down the key factors you’ll want to consider.

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Single-pane and double-pane windows are much the same when it comes to appearance. No one looking at your Provo home will really be able to tell which type you have installed unless they take a close look.


Purchasing and installing windows with a single pane is the more easily affordable option. Going with twice as much glass requires a much larger upfront investment, which can be cost-prohibitive for some Provo homeowners.


With just a single layer of glass, single-pane windows don’t offer much in terms of insulation. Adding a second glass layer and the option of argon gas enhancement helps keep indoor spaces better insulated from the outdoor elements.

Energy Efficiency

Due to their added insulation, double-pane windows allow for very little air loss and thermal transfer. In contrast, choosing windows with a single-pane configuration results in energy waste and, therefore, higher home energy costs.


Thanks to their two layers of glass, windows with a double-pane can stand up to strong winds and heavy precipitation. Choosing a single-pane configuration doesn’t mean the glass will shatter in the event of extreme weather, but the chance is greater.

Making the Right Choice for Your Provo Home

Planning a window replacement project isn’t easy, and you’ll face several choices as you go along. Whether you opt for a single- or double-pane configuration – or even triple-pane windows, which feature three glass layers separated by air or argon gas – you’ll need to consider cost, home comfort, energy efficiency and a host of other important factors.

To make the task easier, start by finding a reputable local glass and window company. In Provo and the surrounding northern Utah area, homeowners trust the professional team at Complete Glass.

We offer first-rate products and quality services at an affordable price – plus, our friendly and knowledgeable technicians are always happy to provide advice. We’re here to answer your questions, explain your options and help you decide how to proceed with your window replacement project.

At Complete Glass, we offer free, no-obligation professional consultations and replacement residential windows estimates to homeowners in and around Provo, Utah. For expert assistance comparing single- and double-pane windows, contact us today.