There are a few reasons you may want to replace your shower door; maybe you’re selling, remodeling, or just can’t handle stepping out of your shower to a giant body of water on your tile. Either way, Complete Glass Service Salt Lake City has pretty much seen it all, and we know how to fix it. Specializing in mostly commercial window and glass repair, Salt Lake City’s storefront started out doing railings, shower doors, window replacement, and eventually, grew to storefront redesign and commercial and residential window replacement.

Shower door replacement is a very quick and easy process if you choose to work with our expert staff. Replacement is usually completed within one day, with little to no clean-up. Complete Glass Service Salt Lake City has got this dialed-in, and we don’t like leaving messes just as much as you don’t like cleaning them up. With a large choice of shower door options, the door you ultimately choose will bring your entire bathroom together – combining functionality and appeal, and of course, will remedy some unhealthy and annoying problems if your door is broken.


If your shower door:

  • Does not completely shut, creaks, or leaks, you may need a shower door replacement.
  • Are you finding rust? Mold? Noticing unpleasant, mildewy smells? 
  • Cracked glass is extremely dangerous. If your shower door is streaked, missing parts of the frame, or is broken, it is most definitely time to call Complete Glass and let us fix it. We’ll do all the work, just pick up the phone!

The above is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold which will begin to form causing build-up that can result in the above to worsen, cause illness, and larger problems if action is not taken. Unfortunately, there is no real way to prevent the deterioration of a shower door due to the high amounts of moisture it is exposed to, but there is a way to stay on top of it! Complete Glass Service offers Hydro-Shield and Enduro-Shield for all new shower doors. This product coats the shower door and is the best defense against unwanted dirt and grime.

If you mention reading this article and the above guards, you will receive 10% off your total purchase! 

Check out some of our handy-work:

Complete Glass Service Salt Lake City specializes in an assortment of shower doors made from top quality materials. Our friendly and capable staff operates with the utmost care and attention down to the smallest detail, ensuring outstanding work. Let us help you with your remodel, ask us questions about layout, and we will help you craft a bathroom you’re going to want to show off!  

Contact us today to set up a free shower door estimate. We stay up to date on the latest and greatest designs and hardware, as well as what is required by building code. Your project will be done quickly and correctly, we guarantee it!