When the weather gets warmer for many of us ‘house-work’ is the last thing on our minds. We want to spend time soaking up the rays (hopefully avoiding those Utah heat waves when we can), and exploring all that Salt Lake City has to offer.

As longtime residents of the Salt Lake City area, we have found that every year there’s something wonderful to experience that we hadn’t in previous years. But, exploring and experiencing aside, there’s nothing better than coming back to your well-conditioned home and hopping in the shower to refresh and reset.


During the summer months, it’s as important as ever to keep your eye on your shower door and shower set up. As a material that is consistently exposed to heat and water, replacing your shower door is inevitable, but over the summer months, it could happen quite a bit faster and replacement may come sooner than you had originally planned for.

Shower doors are used in bathrooms to keep water inside your shower and are a stronger alternative to shower curtains. While many people choose to utilize both, a shower door from Complete Glass Utah comes with our Special of the Month and long-lasting guarantee. We take pride in the work that we do for the residents of Salt Lake City and its surrounding areas.

Our shower door installations are quick and painless and before installation, we ensure that your new door is installed with either EnduroShield, HydroShield, ShowerGuard, or all three! We want to ensure that your new shower door will last as long as possible.

Tips on when to replace your shower door:

  • Not shutting properly.
  • Is hanging off the hinge in a minor or major way, allowing water to escape
  • Framing is beginning to rust
  • Can no longer clean/remove water stains and spots
  • ^ Which will eventually lead to mold and a variety of other unpleasant situations that can arise in your bathroom setting.

Contact Complete Glass Service Utah today for a free estimate, and let us help you enjoy your summer with no shower door worries like you’re supposed to.