Thinking about installing glass shower doors? A glass enclosure can make the most of your bathroom, giving the space a roomier feel while adding an impressive design element.

As with any update to your Provo, Utah home, you’ll face several decisions when you go to have a shower enclosure put in place. Below, you’ll find information that can help you find the best choice for your bathroom.

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Types of Shower Enclosures

Shower doors come in a few different configurations, any of which could be the right fit for your bathroom. Provo homeowners can choose from the following:

European Shower Doors

Also called frameless shower enclosures, European doors feature tempered glass panels that don’t require the support of a metal frame.

Semi-Frameless Doors

For a look that’s close to that of a European shower, but at a lower price, homeowners can opt for a semi-frameless model with minimal hardware.

Framed Shower Doors

The most affordable option may be framed doors, and many models are just as eye-catching as European and semi-frameless showers.

Glass Bathtub Enclosures

Parting with the tub isn’t something all homeowners want to do, and installing a bathtub enclosure can be the ideal solution.

Glass Shower Door Design

All glass shower enclosures aren’t alike in terms of operation, and the design you select depends largely upon your bathroom space. The available styles include:

  • Bypass doors, which are similar to patio sliding doors, have two or three panels that slide on tracks
  • Pivoting doors feature panels that swing open from one corner of the shower enclosure
  • Bi-fold doors are designed with several panels that fold together like an accordion
  • Round doors, often used for corner showers, may have hinged openings or bypass operation
  • Neo-angle doors which also work well in corners feature three panels placed to create a diamond shape
  • Barrier-free entry showers are no-door design with a fixed panel near the showerhead to keep the bathroom dry

Glass Options for Shower Doors

The glass panels used in your shower enclosure are entirely a matter of preference. The different types of panels you can choose include:

  • Frosted glass
  • Rain glass
  • Textured glass
  • Patterned glass
  • Tinted glass

Get Expert Advice on Glass Shower Doors

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