Replacing your home windows will keep heat air in, outdoor pollutants out which can lower your energy bills dramatically and increase your health.

The following is proven reasons for window replacement that are too old:
1. Electric or gas bills are reduced with the replacement windows with energy efficient windows. As mentioned earlier, 25% of that your monthly utility bill is saved the windows usually pay for themselves.

2. If your windows get a condensation or frost buildup it means that they are not insulating your home well enough. This extra moisture can cause rot of your window frames or form dangerous mold growths!

3. If your window is cold to the touch in the winter and warm in the summer it means that your window is not well insulated, this costs you money by letting all your heating and cooling out the window!

4. If you feel cooler next to a window, hold a candle or match near the window, if it flickers, this could mean a draft coming from your window. Water can leak through water damage to carpet and furniture, rotting window frames, mold, and not to mention more heating!

5. Cracked or Broken glass is a safety hazard to pets and family, not to mention the amount of energy slipping through the cracks.

6. Having trouble opening a window? This could be a sign of age and warping, which can create many problems down the line.

7. Did I mention new windows look great? Modern windows are designed to let in a lot of light, while keeping heat out, making your home more pleasing to be in. Not only that, it increases the resale value of your home!

8. New windows are designed for better UV protection. UV can damage electronic equipment, fade photographs, deteriorate carpet and paint color, and is a form of radiation!

9. Did you know certain windows qualify for government tax rebates, as well as rebates from electrical and gas companies? These rebates can save you over $1,500. Don’t forget the saving on utilities as well.

10. They’re also Eco-friendly. With New energy-efficientwindows, you are saving a lot of money, energy, and trees!