Believe it or not, this Salt Lake City glass company has come across some people who had to be convinced of the benefits of a glass shower door over a shower curtain. Those customers who were attached to the curtain argued that they are inexpensive and easy to switch out when they wear out. But when we reminded them of shower curtains’ downfall they were quick to agree and convert to glass lovers.

When shower curtains are moved slightly out of the position they allow water to spray on walls or leak onto bathroom floors. Curtains are easily torn or pulled away from the rings. They also develop mold and mildew rather quickly.

Glass shower doors, on the other hand, are sealed shut. Water is far less likely to escape from a glass-enclosed shower than from a shower curtain. And glass doors match the interior of any bathroom while making said bathroom appear large, clean and modern.

If you are considering glass shower doors contact your Salt Lake City glass company today to discuss which door style will best fit your needs.