There are a variety of reasons you may find a crack in a window in your home. Some reasons people are unaware of. Whatever the case, you’re probably wondering the best way to take care of any cracked windows in your home. First, we’ll go over the reasons why a crack may occur.

Where Did They Come From?

First are the reasons why a crack may occur. The first, not too obvious reasons are stress cracks and cracks from weather changes.

You’ve heard of many old homes creaking in the wind, but enough movement can actually cause a window to crack. Whether it’s a settling foundation or an earthquake, movement can cause your home to bend in ways that will cause stress cracks in your windows.

Another reason you can find yourself with a cracked window is from weather changes. Windows – especially older, fragile ones – can be vulnerable to cracking under extreme weather changes. If you live in a place that tends to have large weather variances, like Utah, you may find that your windows are experiencing these cracks.

Aside from these unusual reasons for cracked windows, there are, of course, the usual reasons you’ll need a repair or replacement. Many of us have images of baseballs accidentally being thrown into windows. And while that would mostly be a reason to completely replace a window, not all cracked windows need to be replaced right away. In fact, a lot of times, you can repair a cracked window until you’re ready to replace it.



 If you find a small crack in your window, you most likely can get by with just a repair. A bonding agent can be applied to stop the crack from widening or spreading. This will ensure that the crack remains its current size until you’re ready to replace the window.



And at what point should you replace a window? it can be hard to decide on your own whether you can get by with a repair or if you’ll have to completely replace the window. There are the obvious scenarios of having a shattered window or having part of a pane missing, but sometimes it’s not so obvious.

If a window’s strength integrity is questionable, you’ll want to replace your window as soon as possible. Another reason would be if the crack is unsightly. This is important especially if you’ll be selling your house in the near future or the window is visible from the street. Replacing a highly visible window is the best option for keeping your home and neighborhood values high.


If you’re experiencing cracks or breaks in your home’s windows, call Complete Glass Utah today. We have years of experience backing us up and are ready to get your home back in order quickly and efficiently.