Many Salt Lake City dwellers have a hard time keeping their glass shower door clean. The best way to keep your glass shower door looking in tip top shape is to use a squeegee each time you shower. As Salt Lake City’s go-to company for glass repair, Complete Glass and Service is no stranger to the water spot. Below are a few ways to keep the troublesome water spots at bay.
If the staining on the glass portion of the doors has already occurred, no worries, you should be able to get them removed. One of the oldest remedies is vinegar or a vinegar and water solution. You can soak a towel in a bucket of the mixture and use the towel to wipe the stains clean. For more stubborn stains you can soak the towel and hang it on the door in the problem area for a few hours.

There are also several products on the market designed to cut through tough water spots which is often a form of calcium build up. Products such as “Lime away” and “CLR” seem to work best. If you have smooth glass shower doors or bathtub doors, you can also use a single edge razor blade and a quality glass cleaner. Make sure you hold the razor blade at an angle to the glass to avoid scratching. This will however take a little bit of work especially on a larger shower doors. If you have textured or pattern glass on your shower doors, you may be able to clean one side using this method, although on the textured surface you will have to stick with one the solution methods. Always finish with a good glass cleaner and a towel to avoid streaking

If you have water spots that cannot be removed you may want to replace the glass portion of the shower door. You can purchase new glass and reinstall it into your existing frames. At Complete Glass Service, we are the source for Salt Lake City glass shower doors! We use only the best quality materials, and install with superb craftsmanship even down to the smallest details. Get a Free Estimate today!