We are your source for Salt Lake City windows! New construction or replacement vinyl windows will beautify your home. Vinyl windows will also drastically reduce energy exchange, saving you money on your electric and heating bills. Replacing your windows is a clean and quick job. We can usually complete a home in one day! Let us beautify your home with Milgard Windows, an industry leader. Milgard now offers the Tuscany Series, featuring a lifetime warranty on the complete window, including the glass. Yes, that’s right—a lifetime glass breakage warranty at no extra cost.

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Why Vinyl Windows for Your Utah Home?

It’s time to replace your windows, but do you know which material is right for you? Wood and aluminum can still be found on homes today. It can be difficult to wade through the information, trying to make sense of the best option for you at the best price.

Choosing your new windows shouldn’t be a difficult decision. Once you do the research, you’ll see that vinyl windows are the best option in nearly every instance—hands down. Vinyl is superior to wood and aluminum for a variety of reasons. You’re likely looking to upgrade to keep the cool air in your home in the summer, and the warm air in your home in the winter. Vinyl windows are the most energy-efficient option on the market, easily surpassing wood and aluminum. This is one of the reasons why you’ll see builders choose vinyl almost exclusively.

Get the quality durability of vinyl windows, but with the look you want. Vinyl comes in a variety of options, matching many popular woodgrains and colors. Find the best match for the style of your home. You will also find that vinyl windows are low maintenance, provide superior insulation, maintain their appearance over time, and are more durable than other options. You will also find that vinyl windows are much quieter than wood or aluminum. Make your home the place of peace and rest that you deserve. Vinyl gives you confidence that your windows will resist rotting and corrosion, regardless of where you live.

Is it Worth The Cost to Upgrade?

Believe it or not, vinyl windows are friendlier to your budget. On average, you will find that vinyl will be approximately 10 percent cheaper than aluminum and wood. Aluminum may be cheaper if you choose an entry-level product, but why would you compromise your upgrade?

It’s easy to see that vinyl windows are superior to aluminum and wood windows. Any way you look at it—from durability to aesthetics, to price—vinyl is the smart choice. Contact one of our representatives for cost comparison and see for yourself. Call 801-494-1431 and talk to a Salt Lake City window expert today.