Customized Glass Shower Door Installation

Complete Glass Utah is your source for Utah glass shower door installation! We use only the highest quality materials installed with superb craftsmanship, down to the smallest details.  Let us help you configure your shower layout, making it practical as well as a beautiful. Glass shower doors are the perfect finishing touch to any Utah bathroom renovation. We know the latest trends and designs to give you the look you want, all while complying to building codes .

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Design the Perfect Shower Enclosures

At Complete Glass Utah, we can help you design your dream shower enclosures—from the frame to the shower glass, and even the hardware—all with the most contemporary techniques and the latest designs. We welcome custom projects, helping bring your unique vision to life. Contact our glass shower specialist to discuss your custom project—free of charge. Let us help you find the perfect shower glass and hardware that best matches your style. Our professionals will measure and custom fabricate your shower enclosure to your exact specifications.

No Job is Too Big or Small

Our team of experienced sales representatives and installers work with professionals in every gamut of building, including home owners, architects, builders, designers, decorators, and remodelers. Our goal is to bring you the shower glass you expect at the most competitive price—done on schedule by our friendly experts.

Frame or Frameless Showers?

Do you know what style you want? Both framed and frameless glass shower doors have pros and cons that should be considered. It often comes down to the design of the house, the style the home owner seeks to portray, and what they are willing to sacrifice.

Frameless shower doors give bathrooms a sleek modern look. This minimalist design gives a “fish tank” appearance, with pure glass encompassing the shower area. You won’t find heavy frames or gaskets found with framed enclosures. This give the shower a fresh look, and often can help accentuate the tile work found behind the glass.

While beautiful to see, frameless glass shower doors do have some setbacks. Framed shower doors include rubber seals around the edges, binding the door with the wall of the shower and floor. This functions as a seal, preventing water from leaking beyond the shower area. Frameless enclosures often do not include rubber seals. Gaps may exist where the glass is not perfectly cut, allowing water to splash onto the bathroom floor. Our experts meticulously measure your area to get you the perfect fit. We recommend that you Include us in the early stages of your shower design. This will allow our professionals to provide seamless shower glass door cuts and give you perfect installation.

There are many other factors to consider when deciding on a frame or frameless shower door installation. Let our professionals about the vision. They can share the best options for your needs and let you know how we can help you get the shower of your dreams. Call us today at 801-494-1431.