After last week’s post, I had a few people ask me about Cerium Oxide.

Cerium Oxide is NOT a chemical so it is safe to use on your bare hands to polish your Poway windows. Cerium is a pure element found in nature that oxidizes, like rust or when your car paint oxidizes.

It is a super fine powder, however, so you don’t want to inhale it! When it’s wet, it’s safe to handle, but be careful when taking it out of the container.

Cerium Oxide is used by many a Poway Glass company to polish windows. it polishes the window by scrubbing off a very thin layer of the top of the window, which is where dirt and hard water stains live.

Hard water does get into the top layers of glass and will soften the glass if left over time. That’s why it seems that it comes back quicker and quicker, is because it never really leaves. When using Cerium Oxide to polish your window, you’re actually polishing the minerals left over by hard water, as well as the glass.. making one flat surface of both.

To prevent a quick build up of future hard water spots, call your local Poway Glass company to add a sealant on your windows