Are you thinking that now’s a good time to plan your American Fork window replacement project?

Replacing the windows in your northern Utah County home can provide you with a host of benefits, including reduced energy costs, improved interior comfort, superior curb appeal and a higher level of security. In addition, once the project is complete, you can expect your home’s market value to rise.

However, if you want your investment to pay off, you need the right strategy. Below, the professional team at Complete Glass outlines the essential steps to planning an American Fork window replacement project.

American Fork window

Step 1: Consider Your Project Goals

To begin with, think about what you’re hoping to achieve with your American Fork window replacement project. You might want to boost your home’s energy efficiency, interior comfort and aesthetic beauty, perhaps, or you may be looking for greater functionality, better security and easier maintenance. Whatever the case may be, your goals serve as your project guide.

Also, be sure to give thought to whether or not you want to plan for a whole-house window replacement. Professional contractors typically recommend this approach, particularly if your windows are rather old, but a partial replacement can make sense if you only a few have issues.

Step 2: Nail Down the Project Budget

Determining how much money you can afford to allocate toward your American Fork window replacement project is the next step. The price for a set of new windows can vary depending upon the frame material, glass type, sizes needed and labor costs. Come to a decision about the budget before you begin shopping, and you may find it easier to narrow down your options.

Having said that, be aware that making sacrifices in quality as a means of saving money isn’t to your advantage. The cheapest models are prone to problems, and many need to be replaced (again) within just a handful of years. If funds are tight, save up for the project or replace just a few windows at a time.

Step 3: Look Into the Many Options

When you have an idea of how much you want to spend on new windows for your American Fork home, it’s time to explore the various types on the market. Window frames come in a few different materials, and while vinyl is a popular choice due to its performance, price and durability, but only you can decide if vinyl frames best meet your needs.

Along with the frame material, you need to consider the various styles of new windows, the architectural style of your home and the spaces where your windows are located. Color is another decision that’s in your hands, as replacement windows are offered in a wide selection of shades.

Step 4: Meet With Local Contractors

Once you see just how many different types of new windows you have to choose from, you’ll understand why the new step is to chat with a few American Fork window and glass contractors. Consultations are typically free of charge, and most professionals in the northern Utah County area are more than willing to help homeowners find the right products to meet their goals.

With some American Fork window companies – like Complete Glass, for instance – you can visit a local showroom to see product examples and get information or you can simply schedule a meeting at your home. Ask for a free project estimate from two or three professional contractors, as that will give you a good basis for comparison.

Step 5: Choose a Window Company

Your next task is to figure out which American Fork window company to trust with your project. Comparing the estimates you receive is a pretty obvious move, but you should give thought to product quality, window replacement expertise and warranty coverage, too. All of that factors into the cost, and if you mindlessly choose the company with the lowest estimate, you might not be happy with the end results.

After you decide on the window company you want to work with – which, we hope, is Complete Glass – signing the contract is what comes next. At that point, the contractor will take exact measurements and order your replacement windows. When they arrive, a window company representative will call to confirm the installation date.

Step 6: Prepare for Window Replacement

Professional glass and window contractors work quickly, and most residential American Fork window projects can be completed in one day. If yours is a particularly large job or involves custom-built windows, however, more time may be required. In any case, it’s a good idea to arrange for your children and pets to be elsewhere during the process, as they could get in the way of the workers or even get injured.

Before the window installation crew is due to arrive at your home, you can pave the way for them to begin your project. To prepare, take down your curtains and blinds, remove any nearby wall decorations and create a clear path to each window. Make sure your security sensors are disabled, and you should be all set.

Are you ready to move forward with your American Fork window replacement project? For a free, no-obligation with a trusted northern Utah window company, contact Complete Glass today.