When we think of mirrors in the home, our mind always goes to the bathroom mirror. Usually, it’s the largest and most frequented mirror. However, the bathroom isn’t the only place for a custom mirror. Mirrors can serve more purposes than checking out an outfit. They are also great for making a room appear larger, catching the light, and brightening up a room altogether. So, where are some other hot spots for mirrors in the home?

A custom mirror for the entryway

For mostly practical reasons, an entryway is one of the best places to put a mirror. As you’re rushing out the door, you can take one final look before you start your day. This ensures you won’t run out of the house with toothpaste on your shirt or lipstick on your teeth. Putting a custom mirror in your entryway also creates a focal point, and an interesting piece to catch your guest’s eye as they enter your home.

The living room

Including a mirror in a small living room can really open the space. Not to mention the possibility of a decorative accent piece, a strategically placed mirror can expand a small space instantly. If you have a room with limited lighting, a mirror can brighten it up in a subtle, yet effective way.

The bedroom

An obvious place similar to the bathroom, there are many different options when placing a mirror in the bedroom. A custom mirror mounted to the wall gives you more space, as well as a convenient place to check out your outfit. You can also incorporate a mirror into your closet, whether it’s on the door or becomes the door itself.

If you want to expand a room, or simply get one last look before you leave the house, mirrors are perfect for any place in your home. Where will you put your custom mirror?