If you’re building a brand new home, or it’s simply time for a bathroom upgrade, finding a mirror is one of the most important accessories.┬áThe bathroom mirror is a critical feature of any home. So, how do you find the perfect one for your home? Surprisingly, there are quite a few options when it comes to mirrors. If you’re considering a copper-free mirror, here’s everything you need to know.

What is a copper-free mirror?

For those not familiar with the ins and outs of the glass world, here’s a quick breakdown. Copper-free mirrors are considered the “most modern” mirror. Simply put, these mirrors are made with a low-lead or lead-free solution as well as (obviously) a copper-free solution. This means copper free mirrors are especially resistant to humidity and corrosion. Without the copper, this mirror is less likely to fall victim to clouding.

Why are copper free mirrors better than other options?

In addition to the humidity resistance, these mirrors are also easier on the environment. Without the harmful chemicals, the production is not nearly as harmful to the environment. They are also highly durable in comparison to traditional mirrors. With a protective layer applied at the end of the creation process, copper-free mirrors are not as easily broken.

Where can this mirror go in my home?

Copper-free mirrors aren’t just for the bathroom, or even just for the home. With the added durability, these mirrors are perfect for offices, restaurants, retail stores, and almost anywhere else a mirror is needed. In the home, these go especially well in bedrooms, bathrooms, and even foyers.

So, when picking a new mirror for your home or business, consider copper-free. Copper-free mirrors are better for the environment, more durable, and last longer than traditional mirrors.