As a glass company that does quite a bit of commercial window installation, we need products that we can trust. The right window for a commercial property does more than repair a crack or broken seal, it completely rejuvenates the face of the building. A new storefront will not only push you far ahead of your competitors but give you a new sense of pride in your property. Milgard Windows are one of the most trusted and top-named brands in the glass industry today. Built to last, using Milgard Windows allows us to complete whatever look your residential or commercial property is striving to accomplish. Milgard allows us to choose framework, material and window style. On top of all of this, when ordering from Milgard if any glass comes broken, or in a condition we do not find satisfactory for the project, Milgard will refund our order 100% and re-ship all products no questions asked. We choose Milgard for your benefit. After Complete Glass installs your windows and you run into any issues whatsoever with them, they will honor this guarantee with a lifetime warranty on all products we install. milgard windows Whether you are looking for commercial or residential glass replacement, we will be able to cover all your bases. Complete Glass Utah offers 24-hour emergency glass repair and replacement. If you are looking to vamp up your storefront, call us. Commercial windows and glass from Milgard Windows will make a world of difference to your property, we can guarantee it. Of course, over time all of our properties will need a bit of maintenance, but choosing a window that has a lifetime warranty is a great place to start when planning for the future of your building. Complete Glass services Salt Lake City and its surrounding areas with storefront repair, commercial door installation, glass replacement and shower door installs. Our talented staff is happy to answer questions and provide design guidance on your project, commercial or residential. We know how important the face of your building is and what it can say about you and your business, let us help your property represent you in the best way possible. With a reliable product like Milgard, we can guarantee our work and installation will meet and exceed your standards. If you are looking for commercial glass installation call Complete Glass Service Utah. We take pride in our products and work, ensuring a proper installation and warranty that you won’t find anywhere else.