As a Salt Lake City glass installation company, we see it time and time again. People are spending too much on their Salt Lake City heating systems. This is because their homes are not insulated correctly, making their heating system run inefficiently. The best and easiest way to cut this costs is by sealing and insulating your glass windows and doors.

The first thing you should do is walk around your house and find which windows need to be sealed You can check this in a few ways. If it’s a rainy day, check for signs of moisture along the window frame. If it’s a windy day, moisten the tips of your fingers, run them along the window frame, and see if you can feel the air coming through. If you find any cracks, be sure to seal them up with weather stripping, caulking, or another sufficient sealant so that your heating system can effectively keep your home warm during the colder winter months.

Once you’ve counted and measured the windows you plan to seal, the next step is to decide how you want to seal them. Window panels, sturdy aluminum frames that mount on the indoor side of existing windows, are an option.  High-performance sealants are also an option and are a more permanent and effective sealing solution for gaps and cracks around windows. The most efficient way is to have your windows replaced professionally. Double paned glass is the way to go to really trap the heat in and the cold out.

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