To maximize the energy efficiency of your Salt Lake City home this summer, you should consider double-pane glass windows. Double-pane windows offer a number of advantages over single-pane and can help you save money and become more energy efficient and keep cool this summer. Double-pane windows offer a number of advantages. They reduce outside noise, provide more UV protection and are easier to clean. Double-pane windows, also called dual-pane windows, have a half-inch space in between two panes of glass filled with air making them better insulated. More and more home owners are opting for double-pane windows to help with energy efficiency. Your best bet for truly energy-efficient windows that can save you money annually? Double-pane windows with a gas like argon in between the panes, though any kind of double-pane window is beneficial. You also have the choice of triple-pane windows, which offer even higher energy efficiency. We offer free quotes on window and glass installation and repair services. To learn more about double-pane windows or any other Salt Lake window and glass services we offer, please contact us today.