The housing market might be hotter than ever, but if you’re looking to increase your home’s desirability and value, some uncommon upgrades may be the key. Not only will your home’s value go up on paper, but your house will stand out from the one for sale down the street. Aside from the typical renovations and upgrades, there are a few upgrades above and beyond the standard that any home could benefit from. One of the newest design trends is unique stair railings. If you have a staircase in your home, It’s most likely an exposed feature. This gives it the potential to become a gorgeous focal point. That’s why upgrading your staircase to include something ultra-modern like glass staircase railing is a great decision when wanting to increase your home’s value and desirability.


Indoor glass staircase railing

The main staircase in your home probably gets a lot of use and is most likely in a highly visible area. Installing glass railing with metal handrails will give you a sleek, modern look that will wow anyone who visits your home. Pick from either dark metal or silver handrails to match your current decor. Or choose frameless for the most modern, clean look that will match any decor. This is sure to be a feature that any homebuyer is going to remember.


Outdoor glass railing

Your back deck can also benefit from a little facelift when you’re looking to increase your home’s value. Imagine glass railings surrounding your hot tub and patio furniture. You can easily turn a basic outdoor area into a modern sanctuary with one simple upgrade. If you have an elevated deck, whether it’s large or small, you can replace the old railing with modern glass railing. Choose frameless glass to have a full view of your yard and other surroundings while you’re relaxing on a nice, sunny day.

Even if you don’t have a deck, you can upgrade the staircase leading up to your front or back door. The possibilities for glass stair railings are limitless.

So if you’re tired of your old staircase railing and ready to give your home a facelift, Complete Glass Utah is here to help. We cover everything from window replacement to mirror installations to cover all your glass repair or installation needs.