As a Salt Lake City glass installation company, we are often dealing with broken glass. Broken glass is dangerous and should be handled with care. Below is a safety guide of sorts when dealing with broken glass.

  • Remove people, children and pets from the area before beginning the clean up process.
  • Wear shoes at all times after glass is broken in the area.
  • First try to vacuum up broken glass rather than trying to pick it up.
  • Wear leather gloves or thick rubber gloves to pick up large pieces of glass if confident and the glass is still in tack.
  • Wear eye protection to prevent glass pieces from blowing of shattering into your eyes.
  • Do not stand underneath broken glass at any time.
  • Be sure to cover open window areas to avoid break in or injury.
  • If glass door or window has a crack, carefully stick masking tape across cracks.

All broken glass situations are unique and may require different care. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. If you have a broken window or other glass needs in the Salt Lake City area, Complete Glass will give your a free estimate and  fix it up good as new.