When you think of glass repair, the first thing that comes to mind is usually windows. It’s not an unusual thought since windows are one of the most vulnerable glass features in any home. However, did you know Complete Glass repairs more than just windows? So, when you find yourself with another major glass break in your home, remember that we do it all. What other types of glass do we repair?


Whether it’s the bathroom mirror or a built-in accent mirror, they are pretty vulnerable. Most bathroom mirrors are fairly large, so they tend to be serious breaks. No need to worry because mirrors are just one of the more uncommon glass repairs that we do. Our technicians can even recommend a different type of mirror that will be a little more durable.

Glass repair for tabletops

If something happens to your favorite dining room piece or antique coffee table, there’s no longer any need to throw it out. We can repair or replace glass tabletops, so you don’t have to lose your prized piece of dining room furniture. With state-of-the-art glass products, your repair or replacement will make it feel brand new.

Storefront windows

When it comes to windows, storefronts tend to be a bigger deal than your typical house windows. They tend to be large, so the repair is much different than a typical window. Luckily, we are experienced in all things storefront windows. So, if something happens to your store, you won’t have to worry for long.

Every home has glass, and unfortunately, it’s all vulnerable. Luckily, Complete Glass can repair any type of glass from windows to glass railings to storefront windows. From the uncommon to the ordinary, we can fix it all. So, no matter what type of break you’ve experienced, we have you covered.