If you have a home with two floors, the staircase is a big focal point. Being the main point of entry to a different level of your home, the stairs are usually on display. Why not make your staircase stand out with a glass railing system? At Complete Glass Service, we’re here to help. There are a few different options to consider when designing the perfect railing, and what message it sends to the world.

Here is what different types of glass railings will do to your home:


The sleekest and most modern-looking option, frameless railing systems give your home a futuristic feel. With nothing appearing to trap them in place, they give the appearance of openness and can help brighten up a room. With a frameless glass rail, your home will get a modern and fresh boost of energy.


Give your home a solid and sturdier look with a framed railing system. The boldness of certain frames can give your home an industrial and modern feel. However, they can also be subtle and delicate. No matter which looks you go for, your railing system will feel solid.


With a traditional and clean aesthetic, the transparent glass will make your railing as minimal as possible. Combined with a frameless design, your glass railing will barely be noticeable and won’t distract from any of your d├ęcor. However, since it’s completely see-through, placement will be very important.


Frosted or fogged glass can add an air of mystery to any home design. In addition to being used for a staircase, this type of glass is also perfect for doors and fences since it gives privacy. No matter where you put this glass in your home, it will definitely add an air of mystery.

If you need the staircase, fence, or any other type of railing, glass railing systems are always a great solution. Complete Glass Service can help you design custom railing systems for your home, and give you the glass solution you’ve always wanted.