New business construction means a lot of new glass installation. From storefront windows to bathroom mirrors, it’s understandable that you’re looking to hire a glass company. So if you’re a builder in Utah looking for glass installation for new construction, Complete Glass Utah has properly trained specialists ready to give you a hand on your project. Here are some services we provide for glass installation for new construction:


Glass Handrails

Make your building look sleek and modern by installing glass railing. Glass railing on staircases or walkways give a building an updated feel that matches a wide variety of decor choices. Additionally, glass railings on top floors give a clear view of lower floors for a mixture of function and aesthetics. Create an oasis for employees with an outdoor patio with glass surround.



Big or small, we can take care of new mirror installation. Bathroom mirrors can range from the basic to the large and framed. For corporations with gyms, we have all your mirror installation needs covered. Floor to wall mirrors are no problem. And when employees are done, they can shower in the glass shower enclosures we’ve installed in the locker room. 



A storefront is the first impression that clients have a business. So it’s important that a glass storefront is well-designed with the customer in mind. If you need a few windows or wall-to-wall glass to show off window displays, we can handle the smallest to the largest of projects.


Other Windows and Doors

We are able to install glass doors and windows for personal offices as well. We can install sidelights for maximum privacy. If you’re looking for an airy, open feel instead, we can do floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows. 


If you ever come across broken glass, we can easily help with that too. Complete Glass is certified to install, repair, and replace glass in whatever capacity you need. As a local Utah company, you can experience the best in customer service and quick responses. So if you’re looking for glass installation for new construction, we’re here to help with a free quote. Call 801-494-1431 today!