Homeowners are more than ever looking to improve their homes and make them magazine-worthy. With constant access to changing trends through home improvement television shows and websites, homeowners have the ability to be in control of their home’s design. One of the latest trends is spa-quality bathrooms. If you’re wondering how you can upgrade your bathroom, sometimes it’s as simple as a few key renovations. Replacing your old shower for a frameless glass shower can take your bathroom from basic to elegant all on its own.


Small Bathroom Benefits

With a frameless glass shower, your bathroom will feel light and airy. Small bathrooms especially benefit from this type of shower installation because your space will immediately feel larger with less obstructions in place. You can also install a sliding glass door on your frameless shower to save space.


Large Budget Ideas

If you have a large bathroom, there’s no limit to what you can do to improve your space. The newest trend in large bathrooms is to use a frameless shower enclosure to combine both your shower and bathtub space. Some homeowners will even throw in a bench or a sauna kit for the ultimate spa-like experience. The latter option can get pricey, it’s one of the more impressive options for large bathrooms and big budgets.


A Big Statement

Installing a frameless glass shower enclosure and using modern hardware is a great start to changing the entire look of your bathroom. The wall of glass on a frameless shower enclosure sets the stage for any elegant tile work you’ve had installed as well.

If you’re looking for the best way to turn your bathroom into a spa-like experience, start with the shower. A frameless glass shower is a must-have for any bathroom renovation. You’ll benefit from an increase in home value as well as pride in having a gorgeous space in your home.


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