When it comes to the matter of window installation, Orem homeowners want to know how much it will cost – and rightly so. But questions about pricing aren’t all that easy to answer, as every project is unique.

For an understanding of how much you’ll need to budget for residential windows, your best bet is to contact a trusted local window company. Most offer free on-site consultations and estimates, which gives you the opportunity to discuss your project costs without any obligation. That said, you may find it helpful to learn about the factors that have an impact on the price of window installation in Orem, Utah.

window installation Orem, Utah

Frame Material

Window frames come in a range of materials, and some are more affordable than others. Vinyl is generally the least expensive, yet vinyl frames offer several advantages – it’s extremely durable, lasts for decades and requires very little maintenance. A number of shades and styles are available, too. Compared to fiberglass, aluminum, wood and other frame materials, vinyl is a more budget-friendly and practical solution.

Window Type

Do you know what type of windows you want to install? This decision can affect the cost of your window installation project, as fitting certain types correctly is more of a challenge. Fixed, single-hung and double-hung styles are the most commonly chosen by homeowners in Orem, Utah, and these options tend to cost the least. If you go with any other styles, your project will likely come in at a higher price.

Glass Panes

Installing single-pane windows, which have just one layer of glass, is cheaper than going with a double-pane or triple-pane configuration. But since the latter options have layers of glass separated by a space filled with insulating air or argon gas, they cost less in terms of energy waste. So while you’ll pay more upfront for double-pane or triple-pane window installation, the investment will pay off as time goes on.

Energy Efficiency

As we touched on above, energy-efficient windows typically cost more. However, the number of glass panes isn’t the only factor that plays a role in efficiency. Low-emissivity coating and low-E3 glass help minimize heat transfer and air loss, thereby increasing the insulating properties. These options also increase window installation costs, but the long-term savings make the added project expense worthwhile.

Window Size

More often than not, the larger the window, the greater the cost of having it installed. Bathroom window installation is usually among the cheapest projects to complete, as it routinely involves rather small windows. In contrast, living room window installation projects frequently cost more because the windows are quite a bit bigger and, in many cases, Orem homeowners need them to be both decorative and functional.

Installation Location

You’re no doubt aware that window installation comes with labor costs, and the more work that’s involved, the more you can expect to pay. But what you may not realize is that projects above the first floor are inherently more expensive due to access issues. Completing work safely and accurately on the second or third floor of an Orem home requires additional equipment and time, which leads to increased labor charges.

Project Scope

Did you know that some companies offer specials and package deals on window installation? You can often pay less per window if you opt to install several at the same time, as this approach helps minimize travel time and labor costs. You’ll have to talk to a contractor and crunch the numbers to see if embarking on a larger project makes sense, but the option is certain worthy of consideration.

Window Brand

Numerous brands of windows are available, and not only do the costs of different brands vary, the specific models offered by each manufacturer also come at a range of price points. In addition, some brands focus more on affordability and others specialize in providing high-quality products. The best brands, like Milgard, aren’t the cheapest – but the prices are fair and, in our opinion, paying a little more for quality is sensible.

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