If you’re designing a new home or simply ready to redo the bathroom, Complete Glass is here to help. There are a lot of options when it comes to aesthetic and function. The biggest focal point of any bathroom is the shower. This is usually the largest piece in the space, so you want it to fit into the look of your home. These can be difficult to sort through, so we want to make it easy on you. With different designs, styles, and functionality to consider, here is everything you need to know about shower enclosures.

What type of shower enclosures will work best for you?

One of the aspects of functionality to consider is what type of door for your enclosure will work best for you and your home. The most popular options are sliding and pivot shower enclosures. You might think the size of your shower determines what works best, but it’s actually the size of your bathroom. If you’re working with a smaller space, the sliding enclosure will maximize your available space. On the other hand, if you have a larger bathroom, then a pivot enclosure could fit nicely.

What style works with your aesthetic?

Similar to the type of enclosure, the style could depend on the size of your space. A few options are square, rectangular, and prism. You want to choose the style that fits your space, but also your home. If you have a very modern aesthetic, square and rectangular fit well into that type of design. However, any design can be made to fit your décor, but space is the arguably the most important factor.

Shower enclosures can be made to fit into any home, aesthetic, and budget with Complete Glass Utah. Your shower is more important than you think, so why not have the perfect type from the start?