Throughout every home, there are many different types of glass. Unfortunately, all of this glass is vulnerable. So, you might be wondering what type of glass repair Complete Glass Utah does. Luckily, we install and repair a wide variety of glass products to give our customers a one-stop solution for all their glass needs. To make your repair easier than ever, we’ve put together this convenient list so you know exactly what projects we can help you with.

Shower door glass repair

Whether an accident shattered your glass shower door, or it’s simply broken from overuse, replacing glass shower doors is one of our specialties. So, if you have a frame, frameless, sliding, or pivoting shower door, Complete Glass can repair it all.


Arguably the most vulnerable glass in the home, we have your windows covered. Since these openings to your home can be broken in a variety of ways, we’re prepared for anything. No matter what type of window you have, our technicians can safely replace and install new glass. This makes getting back to your normal life easier than ever.


While it may not happen often, mirrors are extremely breakable. If you have a custom mirror, this can be even more frustrating to repair. Fortunately, Complete Glass Utah handles, designs, and repairs custom projects all the time. So, repairing your mirror will be a breeze.


The last thing you want to break is a major glass fixture, like a railing. A broken railing can be dangerous for pets and small children, so a quick, efficient repair is necessary if anything happens to it. When you think of glass repair, you probably don’t think of railings. However, we do.

So, no matter what type of glass is broken in your home, Complete Glass Utah is here to help.