Whether you are in the market for a re-design of your storefront or just need to replace a cracked or broken window, Complete Glass Service Utah can help.

As window and glass specialists, Complete Glass Utah has replaced dozens of storefronts in the Salt Lake City community, breathing life back into tired-looking buildings and designs, and in turn, creating more foot traffic through your store.


Storefront designs aren’t just for commercial properties, they can also play a large role in complex home designs, as well. The first thing that someone sees when visiting your home or business is, of course, the entry, so what does it say about you or your brand?

Creating a custom look and feel is Complete Glass Utah’s specialty, and storefront design is something our company takes pride in doing. Using our trusted partner, Milgard Windows, we can create custom looks with a lifetime warranty guarantee.

Replacing your storefront is a great way to save on energy costs this summer and here’s why: 

  1. No more pesky drafts.
  2. A new storefront will keep the heat out and A/C in!
  3. Door closers provide an automated way to maintain the opening and closing of your new storefronts and doors for energy management.

At Complete Glass Utah, we can cut into existing systems and add new doors and windows where needed. We can match up existing glass saving you time and money, creating a newly designed storefront that will fit the needs of your business perfectly. Our goal at Complete Glass Service Utah is to keep our prices low and our quality high. We are direct distributors for U.S. Aluminum, Arcadia, Vistawall Systems, and Southwest. By managing the whole process from top to bottom, we ensure a top-quality result and finished product.

If you need to replace your storefront, call Complete Glass Utah today for a free estimate, and let’s get your new design started.