If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom, you’re probably wondering where to start. Your shower is the best place to start for a new, fresh look in your home. And it can easily be done by simply upgrading to a new glass shower door. There are a variety of options to give you the bathroom you’ve always wanted. Read on to narrow down your options and see what different glass shower door options are available.


Frameless shower enclosure

For the most modern look, a frameless shower enclosure is the way to go. If you have fancy tile work, this is the best option to show it off. Choose any hardware, from a small bronze knob to a long gold handle to put your personal touch to it.


Framed shower enclosure

For a more traditional look, framed shower enclosures are a great option. Choose frosted glass for a bit more privacy or install clear glass to upgrade to a slightly more modern feel.


Glass Wall

If you have a large shower, you may consider only installing a glass wall. This will prevent any water from splashing on your bathroom floor, while giving your bathroom an airy, open feel. Your shower and bathroom will feel more spacious and you won’t have to worry about any doors. Easily step in and out of your shower every day.


Bathtub enclosure

You may be the bath-loving type, not looking to replace your bathtub/shower combo for a shower with glass enclosures. You can still update your bathroom, by replacing your old shower curtain with a bathtub glass door. You’ll have a modern bathroom that’s more sanitary and easier to maintain.


If you’re ready for a new glass shower door, we’re here to help. With all the different glass shower door options available, upgrading your shower is the best thing you can do to take a bathroom from basic to magazine-worthy. As a trustworthy, local glass company in Utah, we’re ready to help increase your home’s value and make it a place you can enjoy for years to come. Contact Complete Glass Utah today at 801-494-1431.