There are many ways to utilize panes of glass and mirrors. The more obvious route is a replacement due to damages or a remodel, but have you ever considered adding glass and mirrors to your office space to be used as a whiteboard? We’re not saying you have to bust down a wall to make room for a new bay window, we’re simply trying to make your life easier. Complete Glass Services Utah carries glass and mirrors that are perfect for D-I-Y whiteboards. In the meeting room, next to desks on the wall, in common areas, there is no limit to where you can put glass and mirror panes. D-I-Y whiteboards can be made from every glass and mirror material we carry. To give your office this modern collaboration tool, all you need to do is:

  1. Call Complete Glass Services Utah
  2. Pick the material and tell us where you want us to install the pane
  3. Buy sharpies
  4. Use your new pane as a giant notepad to share thoughts and ideas with your clients and co-workers.

It’s that easy. Installation is fast, painless and we guarantee that we will work to exceed your expectations there’s really no question in Complete Glass Utah’s service. To get a free quote and some fresh ideas for your home or office, give us a call today.