Mirrors are an important and necessary part of any home. Whether or not you’re a fan of mirrors as decor, you probably have at least two to three mirrors throughout your home. However, did you know a custom mirror could change your home appearance drastically? Big or small, a simple custom mirror can revitalize your home. So, how does something as modest as a mirror change your home?

Custom mirrors make a room appear larger

One of the oldest tricks in the interior design book is doubling the size of a room with a mirror. While it may not seem like this would work, it’s a tried and true method. So, how does this work exactly? Simply put, it’s an optical illusion. When you add a mirror to a small room, the angle gives the illusion of depth. A great way to pull off this trick is by angling the mirror toward the focal point of the room. By reflecting the most eye-catching area of the room, it will make the room look larger overall.

Make a room appear brighter with a custom mirror

Another benefit of mirrors is the brightening effect it has on any room. While not so much a true optical illusion, this method does fool the eye. Since mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light, any room can appear brighter around the clock. By simply bouncing light deep into a room, the mirror ultimately makes the room seem larger and brighter than it really is.

So, if you’re ready to transform your home in the simplest way possible, mirrors are here to help. Whether you want to brighten your space or make a small room double in size instantly, using a couple of mirrors is an effective and easy solution. With a custom mirror designed and installed just for you, changing your home’s appearance is easier than ever.