So the time has come to renovate your bathroom. Maybe you’ve been watching home renovation shows and you’re feeling inspired. Or maybe you’re looking to sell your home. Either way, you know the bathroom has one of the highest returns on investments when it comes to home renovation. So you have the new large tub picked out, the European style glass shower enclosure and beautiful tiling to pull it all together. But what about those old mirrors? Putting an old mirror back in place or even replacing it with another plain mirror just won’t do when you’re giving the bathroom a full facelift. Luckily, custom bathroom mirrors are the perfect solution when designing a flawless bathroom. Read on to see which styles can benefit from adding a custom bathroom mirror.



While frameless mirrors are timeless — and also work well in modern applications — using a metallic or dark frame is a perfect solution to upgrading the look of a modern bathroom. If you choose to stay frameless, small upgrades like beveled glass can also make a subtle statement in a modern bathroom.



Whether you’re over this trend or still throwing shiplap on every inch of wall in your home, there are plenty of ways to complete the farmhouse look. Two framed mirrors are a good way to offset the long trough sink you just had to get. Choose weathered wood for a mainstream farmhouse look, or dark metal frames for an industrial twist.



Imagine a large arched mirror set above a traditional vanity. This gives the bathroom a timeless and elegant look that would impress the pickiest of home buyers.


Art Deco

Yes, there’s such a trend and it’s a unique way to really personalize your home. This really is the one instance that not any old mirror will do. Putting in a custom bathroom mirror with geometrical influence and wild shaping will wow anyone who walks into your new bathroom.


So don’t overlook the mirrors when you overhaul your bathroom. Giving your mirrors their due attention will pull your renovation together and give you a beautiful bathroom that anyone would envy.

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