As a leader in the shower door industry, Complete Glass Utah offers the most professional and personalized service in the Salt Lake City area. With more than twenty years of shower door installation experience, this Salt Lake City window and glass company only uses the finest quality glass for homes and commercial properties, ranging from storefronts, commercial doors, and shower door installations, all while providing excellent 24-hour service and repair.


As the major source for Salt Lake City’s shower door installations, we pride ourselves on keeping up with current trends and building codes so we can provide our customers with the latest and most innovative shower door designs on the market today.

Using the best quality materials, we install shower doors with excellent craftsmanship down to the smallest, most intricate of details. At Complete Glass Utah, we know that a new mirror or shower door can make all the difference in a bathroom, and we can prove it! The shower is the centerpiece of your bathroom, and for many, the place where they spend the most time.

Showers and shower door customization options are endless, so what are you looking for? First, check out our article about ‘When to Replace Your Shower Door.’ Are you seeing any of these issues arise in your shower? There are many reasons you may want to redesign your bathroom, but this is a good starting point.

Popular Shower Door Trends:  

  1. Full glass shower doors. A full, expansive glass pane allows more natural light in giving the illusion that your bathroom is bigger.
  2. Large, spacious showers. Many new and old homeowners are opting away from tubs (vintage freestanding, or not) and going for large, spacious showers. Some are even adding benches for sauna-like experiences. These are normally equipped with large glass doors that can be customized for clarity or color. 
  3. No doors. Many homeowners are going for the more Roman feel, where a lip is installed at the opening and a freestanding drain is designed to dip down so water cannot escape.

So, what are you looking for? Complete Glass Utah is your Utah shower door installation expert. We offer the most modern collection of shower doors, quality materials, and tough hardware. Currently, Complete Glass Utah has a Special of the Month for our impeccable shower door installations, as well!

Because we take so much pride in the work we do, we want to offer something back to the Utah community that has helped our company get to where we are today. Right now, we are offering a special on shower door installation that will give you a 10% discount on your total purchase, and further, if you purchase EnduroShield, HydroShield or Showerguard products from us (products we use to ensure the longevity of the shower door glass that we install) we will give you free measurement and delivery on your shower door purchase and installation.

Call Complete Glass Utah today for a free estimate and let’s get started on designing the new centerpiece to your bathroom.