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Single-Pane vs. Double-Pane Windows for Provo Homes

Are you planning to replace the windows in your Provo home? Learning about the differences between single- and double-pane windows can help you determine how to plan the project. As you may already know, single-pane windows feature a single layer of glass. Windows with a double-pane configuration have two glass layers separated by a space […]
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When to Call an Orem Window Repair Contractor

Orem homeowners are sometimes surprised to learn that faulty windows don’t always need to be replaced. An experienced window repair contractor can provide a fix for many types of problems, and as you might expect, repairs tend to cost less than full window replacement. When does window repair make sense? Below, the Complete Glass team […]
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Window Replacement Questions – Do You Need Brand-Name Windows?

As an Orem homeowner, you want top-quality windows. Does that mean investing in one of the widely known brands? Or can you get the same quality from a smaller regional brand? Talking to an experienced window replacement contractor – like the team at Complete Glass – is the best way to get expert advice in […]
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Are Vinyl Windows the Right Choice for Your Orem Home?

First introduced more than 50 years ago, vinyl windows have grown to become one of the most popular selections among homeowners in Orem, Utah. And whether you’re building a new house, planning a home addition or interested in window replacement, vinyl windows may just be your ideal solution. Why go with vinyl instead of wood or […]
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Basics of the Replacement Window Installation Process

Replacement window installation is the type of project most homeowners in Provo, Utah, only go through once. Because of this, many aren’t sure what to expect. Choose a reputable glass and window contractor — like Complete Glass – and you can count on the job being completed correctly, with high-quality workmanship. And, our team will […]
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Should You Consider Window Repair or Window Replacement?

At some point, many Orem homeowners need to get new windows. But sometimes, calling a professional for window repair is an effective way to resolve problems. So, what’s the right choice for you? Making repair-or-replace decisions about any element of your home can be challenging, as the solution depends upon the specific problem at hand. […]
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Prepping Your Orem Home for Window Replacement

You’re making arrangements for window replacement, and you’re looking forward to installation day. Outfitting your Orem home with beautiful and highly functional windows is a great way to give your property a facelift, and the project pays off in energy savings. What’s not to like? Your professional contractor will give you an idea of what […]
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Modernize Your Business With These Glass Products

Using glass products for your business construction has many benefits. If you’re looking to modernize your space, glass installation can elevate your building from basic to impressive. From windows to railings, replacing basic features with glass will impress your clients and give them the impression that your business is modern and current. In order to […]