Mirror Installation

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The 4 Best Places to Use Floor-to-Ceiling Mirrors in Your Home

Mirrors are making a comeback in home design and these days, bigger is better. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors make the ultimate statement as a focal point in a room. Framed or unframed, they’re sure to wow any guests that step foot into your home. Here are 4 great places to have custom floor-to-ceiling mirrors installed in your […]
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Modernize Your Business With These Glass Products

Using glass products for your business construction has many benefits. If you’re looking to modernize your space, glass installation can elevate your building from basic to impressive. From windows to railings, replacing basic features with glass will impress your clients and give them the impression that your business is modern and current. In order to […]
glass installation for new construction

Glass Installation for New Construction in Utah

New business construction means a lot of new glass installation. From storefront windows to bathroom mirrors, it’s understandable that you’re looking to hire a glass company. So if you’re a builder in Utah looking for glass installation for new construction, Complete Glass Utah has properly trained specialists ready to give you a hand on your […]
custom bathroom mirror

Choose a custom bathroom mirror to compliment your home renovation

So the time has come to renovate your bathroom. Maybe you’ve been watching home renovation shows and you’re feeling inspired. Or maybe you’re looking to sell your home. Either way, you know the bathroom has one of the highest returns on investments when it comes to home renovation. So you have the new large tub […]
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How a custom mirror can change your home appearance

Mirrors are an important and necessary part of any home. Whether or not you’re a fan of mirrors as decor, you probably have at least two to three mirrors throughout your home. However, did you know a custom mirror could change your home appearance drastically? Big or small, a simple custom mirror can revitalize your […]
custom bathroom mirror

What you need to know about copper free mirrors

If you’re building a brand new home, or it’s simply time for a bathroom upgrade, finding a mirror is one of the most important accessories. The bathroom mirror is a critical feature of any home. So, how do you find the perfect one for your home? Surprisingly, there are quite a few options when it comes […]
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All the places to put a custom mirror in your home

When we think of mirrors in the home, our mind always goes to the bathroom mirror. Usually, it’s the largest and most frequented mirror. However, the bathroom isn’t the only place for a custom mirror. Mirrors can serve more purposes than checking out an outfit. They are also great for making a room appear larger, […]

Mirror Repair in Utah

Breaking a mirror is never fun, but replacing a mirror can be! Forget about the stigma that comes from the mistake and see how adding a mirror to virtually any room in the house can really bring it together. Complete Glass Utah specializes in window repair, mirror repair, storefront repair, shower door repair, and railing […]