patio door options

Our Favorite Patio Door Options

Warmer weather is here and it has us thinking of outdoor adventures. Whether your backyard is already an oasis or on its way to being one, the door between your home and yard matters. A small upgrade in your patio door can complete your space and bring your home and garden together in ways you […]
glass replacement

4 Reasons Your Business Might Eventually Need Glass Replacement

There are a variety of reasons businesses come to us in need of glass replacement. From the obvious to the not-so-obvious, at some point, you may need business window replacement, glass railings replacement, or glass storefront replacement. Read on to see the top reasons for glass replacement in commercial buildings.   Break-Ins Big or small, […]
glass installation for new construction

Glass Installation for New Construction in Utah

New business construction means a lot of new glass installation. From storefront windows to bathroom mirrors, it’s understandable that you’re looking to hire a glass company. So if you’re a builder in Utah looking for glass installation for new construction, Complete Glass Utah has properly trained specialists ready to give you a hand on your […]
installing new windows

Our Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Home’s Windows

Spring is here and that means it’s officially home renovation season. If you’ve been putting off installing new windows in your home, this is the perfect time to do it. Not only will you immediately enjoy savings, but you’ll experience more comfort this summer, all while increasing your home’s value. Read on as we reveal […]
glass staircase railing

Increase Your Home’s Value With Glass Staircase Railings

The housing market might be hotter than ever, but if you’re looking to increase your home’s desirability and value, some uncommon upgrades may be the key. Not only will your home’s value go up on paper, but your house will stand out from the one for sale down the street. Aside from the typical renovations […]
custom bathroom mirror

Choose a custom bathroom mirror to compliment your home renovation

So the time has come to renovate your bathroom. Maybe you’ve been watching home renovation shows and you’re feeling inspired. Or maybe you’re looking to sell your home. Either way, you know the bathroom has one of the highest returns on investments when it comes to home renovation. So you have the new large tub […]