Warm weather is here and that means the return of home renovation season. And while there are many projects homes can to focus on, people benefit most from the two areas that get the greatest return on investment – their kitchens and, of course, the bathroom. If you’re looking to renovate your home, consider your bathroom and consider upgrading to a custom shower in Utah.


Increase in Value and Appeal

You may have noticed that home sales have started to become more stagnant in the past year. After the recession, prices in Utah began rising at a phenomenal rate. Until recently, it had many people wondering exactly how high the average home in Utah would cost. But prices haven’t stopped going up and the market is facing less homebuyers. What does that mean for home sellers? Without a hot market, sellers are once again needing to put on their home’s best face to attract the most interest and highest price. Many home buyers are focused on improvements that not only look good but also earn value on paper. Enter the bathroom renovation. As we stated before, one of the best return on investments is an upgraded bathroom. And it all starts with the shower. As the bathroom’s most prominent feature, you’ll want to make sure your shower makes a statement.

Glass Shower Options

The most modern shower and that which makes the biggest impact is the shower with glass surround. Also the best for small bathrooms, a glass surround shower will let the most light through and give you an appearance of a bigger space. 

If you’re looking for more privacy, you can choose frosted glass over clear or simply replace your door on an enclosed shower. Choosing modern hardware makes for a simple yet effective upgrade.


This one upgrade to your bathroom can have a big impact on your home value and its livability. If you’re in need of a new custom shower in Utah, Complete Glass is here to help. Serving Utah since 2002, we have the glass installation experience to make your home a space you can enjoy for years to come.